Indoor Rowing

Winter Rowing – IROC – C.R.A.S.H. B.’s by Barbara Belanger

Cold winter temperatures and harbor ice, not withstanding, the members of the Buzzards Bay Rowing Club can be seen during the week and on week-ends taking advantage of the relatively quiet working waterfront to get in some rows and to view what seems, this year, to be a larger than normal seal population in the inner harbor. On days when conditions are favorable, rows to the Butler Flat lighthouse offer sightings of a variety of seabirds which prompts an “avast” as the rowers pause to listen to the voices of the birds and to admire their plumage as they take flight. The winter sun which has grown stronger as the winter season wanes warms the rowers and they, in turn, shed a layer or two as they turn faces upwards enjoying a feeling of well being as they soak up the rays.

Meanwhile, for these rowers who go out and those Club members who prefer the warmth of the Sail Loft, on Union Street, the Club makes its two Concept 2 rowers (ergs) available two nights a week for indoor rowing. As an incentive to take advantage of this form of conditioning, on February 15, the Club held its fourth annual Indoor ROwing Challenge

(IROC) in which two teams and a smattering of individuals opted to row distances of 1000 or 2000 meters for time. For Steven Gillum, and five of the ladies, MJ McManus, of Acushnet, Michelle Blumetti, Jackie Duval, Jennifer Gillum, Barbara Belanger of Fairhaven, this event was a final training check point before heading to Boston to take part in the granddaddy of indoor rowing challenges, the CRASH B International

Indoor Rowing Championship, at BU, on February 22. The event on drew

over 2,000 competitors from the US and around the world, in age categories from juniors to octogenarians some of whom had their eyes set on establishing world records and others who came “ just because”.

Although, the six from the BBRC set no records they pushed themselves to the limit by posting personal bests and bringing home a silver medal from this awe inspiring assembly of national and Olympic champions.

Next up for BBRC teams is Snow Row on February 28th where Margaret’s Oars and the Dragons will bend an oar in the open waters off Hull in a four mile race which, in the past, has produced some grueling conditions. With the year barely under way, the BBRC is already on the move and looking forward to a fun filled year full of excitement and ever expanding horizons. The Club’s annual meeting is coming up March 8. Don’t let yourself get left behind in the wake, come aboard and find out what’s in store as we begin our fifth year.