They say in New Orleans, “let the good times roll”, and a good time it was at the BBRC’s first Annual Meeting. Held at Elisabeth’s Restaurant, on March 5, fifty-two attendees enjoyed reconnecting with their crews and friends, while munching on appetizers during the cocktail hour which was followed by a sit down dinner of surf and turf.

At the abbreviated business meeting, President Heidi Hacking made some announcements, and Barbara Traban gave an accounting of the club’s finances. Elections were held and the incumbent officers were reelected along with new Board Members, Leslie Therrien and Jodi Duval each of whom will serve a two year term.. Each participant in IROC received a certificate of completion, and first place framed copies were awarded to the Draggins Team and to John Bullard and Barbara Belanger of the Senior Division.

If you missed this event, be aware that each 2005 member received a special 2005 commemorative club pin and all attendees, a copy of the Annual Report, a pen and calendar. Contact Barbara Traban to arrange to pick up your goodies.

A very clever Power Point show, produced by Barbara Traban, had folks singing along as the photos and high jinks took us through our first year, eliciting fond memories of the year that was. And a good one, to be sure!

Lucky Jodi Duval walked away with the 50/50 prize money after which dessert and coffee was served, thus topping off a very enjoyable evening.

A reminder, our membership year ends April 1st. Twenty-one have already signed up, or renewed. March ushers in the nice weather and unless you want to be left dockside, you need to renew soon. After all, those good times are already beginning to roll.

Our compliments and accolades to head Chef Gail and her kitchen crew: Bill Anderson at the grill; and the three J’s, Jackie, Jeanine and Jody at the range.

Thanks also to all those who helped to set up, serve, clean-up, and take care of all those countless details that make an event great.

And to Barbara Traban…an Oscar for her enjoyable show.