Once around the Rock (in Plymouth, that is)
By Barbara Belanger

With the frost upon the pumpkin and the first light of dawn, 14 hardy souls from the BBRC left their warm beds to take part in the Plymouth Bay Race sponsored by Team Sasquech Rowing. Driving along the back roads behind the Flying Cloud and the Kanawha to the launching site in Plymouth Harbor, the teams passed a myriad of cranberry bogs glistening with silvery rime in the light of a nearly full moon. But, by the time the launching site was reached, the sun was up and the air had warmed considerably…well, to at least 40 degrees or so./p>

The event which had been resurrected from past years appeared to be a success from the looks of the variety and number of craft lined up to participate in the triangular 3.5 mile course. There were singles, doubles, sliders, gigs, whaleboats, and a lone kayak braving the frigid temperatures to challenge the course. As luck would have it, the waters were relatively calm with only a gentle wind... absolutely perfect conditions for the row

Of the three whaleboats in the race, one was from the WCRC crewed by the Grey Buzzards with two women’s teams from the BBRC, the Midlifers and the Generation Gap. Predictably, it was the Buzzards who were first in at 41 + minutes, capturing the men’s division followed by the Midlife team who medaled for the women, finishing in 51 minutes and change. Generation Gap followed at 54+. In the livery class it was a proud John Mc Coy and Jeff Moore of the BBRC who took home the hardware for the class.

A lunch of hot dogs and soup was followed by the awards ceremony; a very nice time, much conviviality and just a good feeling all around. It seems the nicest people go to these races and everyone is so friendly.

Retracing the route back to Fairhaven, the cranberry bogs, at a little past one o’clock, were back to their brilliant red splendor, framed by the colorful leaves of nearby trees. The boats back in their slips, the crews disbanded and went their separate ways, home, work, or, to Knuckleheads to savor what remained of a fun filled day.

The Teams:
Cox - Bill Anderson
Jackie Duval
Louise Medeiros
Deb Gabriel
Nancy Anderson
Daisey Morin

Generation Gap
Cox - Heidi Hacking
Nancy Cansatra
Barbara Traban
Brittany Macomber
Barbara Belanger
Louise Donaghy

Jodi Duval
Daisey’s hubby
Brittany’s mom