On Saturday, September 15th a light rain, which increased to intermittent downpours, found a small band of crew members, who had met at 7AM at the Pleasant Street lot in Fairhaven, to hitch up the boat trailers and haul the boats over to Dartmouth for the regatta, wondering what in the world they were doing there on such a day. However, assured by the race director, that nothing short of gale force winds would cancel the event, they set off to meet others who were waiting at the Gaffney Road ramp to row the boats to the starting area, a mile or so down river. By the time they arrived at the Lloyd Center dock, all were drenched and the boats needed to be bailed to rid them of the water that had accumulated en route.

Two hours later the whaleboat portion of the Slocum River Regatta (there were 28 categories) were ready to compete and the White Caps set off rowing against the Sirenes of the Whaling City Club on the two mile course. They were followed by the Master Women’s crews, the Merry Mix-ups, and Crab-a-lots from the BBRC, and the WCR, Hot Flashes. The Coed whale boats followed with the BBRC Dragons challenging the NB Coeds. Somewhere in between, the men of the WRC Grey Buzzards rowed unopposed.

By the time all the races had been completed, all the 100 participants of the events had enjoyed a very nice and plentiful lunch spread, and meeting up with old friends as they eagerly awaited the results of the competitions and the awarding of the medals.

The whaleboat times were as follows:
White Caps        19:59
Sirenes              22:08

Merry Mix-ups     21:13
Crab-a-Lots         21:25
Hot Flashes        22:34

Dragons             19:04
NB Coed            24:44

Grey Buzzards   17:?

During the interim between the chowing down and the awards ceremony a sudden squall had come up and the BBRC rowers were very appreciative when an offer was made to tow the two the boats back to the Gaffney Road ramp through the choppy waters. The last leg was the row to the Fort street dock thus completing a full and very satisfactory day.

Next week, the competition will be cranked up another notch as the crews of the various divisions complete at the Working Waterfront Races for bragging rights and a place on the Club Champions Cup. See you there.