35 sayings you don't want to hear from your cox

01. Especially coming down the National Championships.

02. Keep going, they might catch a crab

03. Just going through the umpire's wash

04. Faster up the slide!

05. (With a hint of hope) They're not going away as fast now

06. (On the way to the start), Is that OUR race going by?

07. You're going to lose, DO SOMETHING!!

08. Pull with your hands (!)

09. After rowing hard for 1000m... "that's good, now do it again."

10. Give me another hard one!

11. Two, watch the buoy.

12. It looks shallow here...

13. Pull harder guys...my dad is watching!

14. Take a 10! You're dying!

15. Lets focus on our technique now (while crossing the 500m       down mark).

16. Are we at full pressure?

17. Give me a power ten. One...Two...Three. (yawn). Four...

18. (Before you push off from the dock) How does this thing       work?

19. When does our race start?

20. Boy, those guys are fast!

21. Last 10 strokes to the finish! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 okay only       five more!

22. Let it run......in two.

23. Guys, I don't think this is our race.

24. They're going faster than us!

25. We are going to lose...

26. Hey guys, it looks terrible but feels great.

27. Don't get tired...

28. What are these strings for??

29. OH SHIT!!

30. C'mon guys, that sculler is beating us

31. (While your coach screams) "SAVE THE EQUIPMENT!!!"

32. One, Two, Three, Seven, Five.... (during a power ten)

33. Boy, I cant see anything in this fog.

34. Take ten to focus

35. Last minute....last fifty strokes...power twenty...power ten...       Almost There!!!